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07/15/2018 Sunday San Gorgonio (or just Dollar Lake Saddle) via Momyer; 23 or 18 trail miles 4800'/4800'.

08/05/2018 Sunday The Three T's-Cucamonga Wilderness - above Pomona; 14 moderately difficult trail miles at altitude 5100/2700; Timber Mtn, Telegraph Pk and Thunder Mtn via Icehouse Cyn, in the prettiest, mostly shaded wilderness in about 10 hours.

08/11/2018 Saturday San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek; 19.6 difficult trail miles 4500'/4500' to So Cal's highest peak.

08/25/2018 Saturday Baldy from Wrightwood; strenuous and little used "Backbone Trail," 8 miles each way 4400'-1100'/1100'-4400'.

09/08/2018 Saturday San Jacinto via Deer Springs Loop; 17 strenuous miles 5200'/5200' in about 10 hrs.

09/22/2018 Saturday Baldy from Baldy Village; only 14 miles 5500'/5500', the shortest drive to one of the most difficultly exquisite climbs in So Cal. Be prepared to enjoy suffering all day... dinner afterwards is wonderful!

10/07/2018 Sunday San Gorgonio: South Fork via Dollar & Dry Lakes; It's finally open again!!! Very Tough 26 miles on the easiest but longest trail. One of the most beautiful, adventurous & difficult hikes. Southern California's highest mountain - "Old Gray Back." We will leave from near Escondido at 4:00 am for a 2 1/2 hour drive each way and a 10 to 14 hour hike 6000' up & down hike that will make bones you never knew you had ache.

12/01/2018 Saturday Wonderhussey Trestle Hike - beautifully graffitied abandoned train cars; 12 miles and roaming abandoned stuff on this exciting and illegal hike (you could never do this in the Sierra Club) up the tracks to the Goat Canyon Trestle, the largest curved railway trestle.