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Knarley new Baldy route/Chyong's map & pics

10/29/2018 Monday NEW Baldy HIKE - via Ridge Use Trail; Up Ridge trail, to top, to Ski Hut, to Manker Flat - 12 steep difficult miles - 3900'/3900' - in 8 hours.

11/17/2018 Saturday Baden Powell 9393'; 12 moderately difficult trail miles 4000/4000 from near Wrightwood in the San Gabriel’s.

11/23/2018 Friday Dollar Lake Saddle via Momyer 12 trail miles 2200/2200, you can go to San Gorgonio if you like.

12/02/2018 Sunday Wonderhussey Trestle Hike - beautifully graffitied abandoned train cars; 12 miles and roaming abandoned stuff on this exciting and illegal hike (you could never do this in the Sierra Club) up the tracks to the Goat Canyon Trestle, the largest curved railway trestle.